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Association of Gospel Rescue Missions

http://www.citygatenetwork.org Tax ID 55-0479715


For more than a century, one group has been tracking with the tragic  conditions of desperate and disenfranchised people in North America.  Members of Citygate Network have  been on the sidewalks and in the face  of what to many has been a faceless problem. Citygate Network-member  facilities have a reputation for being havens of hope for all who enter.

Founded in 1906, Citygate Network has some 300 members across North  America.  Each year, Citygate Network members serve approximately 70  million meals, provide more than 20 million nights of shelter and  housing, assist some 45,000 people in finding employment, provide  clothing to more than 750,000 people, and graduate nearly 20,000  homeless men and women from addiction recovery programs into productive  living. The ramification of their work positively influences surrounding  communities in countless ways.