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Association for the Advancement Andrelief of the Children of Latin Am

AARC-NIC (Association for Advancement and Relief for the Children of Central America) will be providing food, gifts, and much more for the children of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a country where the vast majority of the children suffer from mal-nutrition, lack medical care and live in poverty.

http://www.aarc-nic.org/ Tax ID 26-0781147


A Little AARC-NIC Background...

AARC-NIC has for the last 10 years has organized Christmas parties in 7 different areas of Nicaragua. We have also provided education to institutes of higher learning by sponsoring ambitious students by paying the full cost of tuition and books and fees. We will soon be traveling to Nicaragua to begin our annual Christmas Fiestas with the children there. We will also travel to San Fernando, Tamp, Mexico to bring Christmas to the children in the orphanage there.  You can also visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/aarclatinamerica/  for additional photos of past events.

Donations & Support

Our organization has provided thousands of dollars in help to these children. We ask for your monetary help in making this possible. AARC is a non-profit 301c Christian based organization and all contributions are Tax Deductable. As an added note, 100% of money donated goes directly to the children. We pay for our own cost associated with travel into these countries and do not use any money from AARC in any way. All monies go to the children we serve.

I hope that we can gather Prayers and financial support for us and the mission to bring the Love of Christ to this areas of extreme poverty.  We have one vision, and that is to feed God’s Sheep.

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para considerar a donar a esta maravillosa organización. El impacto que estos eventos tienen para estos niños es absolutamente maravillose de ver.  Saludos