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Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training (Adst)

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST) is a U.S. non-profit organization that promotes the importance of U.S. diplomacy by capturing, preserving, and sharing the experiences of America’s diplomats and foreign affairs professionals.

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The role and legacy of U.S. diplomacy is too often unknown – or even misunderstood – by the American public. The current environment highlights this general lack of awareness and underscores the need to educate Americans of diplomacy’s role in promoting the nation’s interests and saving lives.

This is where the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training (ADST) steps in. As the only independent, non-profit organization capturing and preserving the experiences of America’s foreign affairs professionals, ADST is uniquely positioned to share the stories of U.S. diplomacy in action. We have a collection of over 2,500 oral histories, more than 700 “moments” in diplomatic history, and have helped publish over 100 books.

We need your help to raise funds to accomplish two goals: 1) redesign and modernize our website and online platforms, and 2) strengthening our Oral History Program. This is how we inform the public about U.S. diplomacy in action. A strong, modern, user-friendly, mobile compatible website is a strategic priority for accomplishing ADST’s mission going forward. Our current site does not present us, our mission or our resources effectively and is a handicap to attracting institutional financial support. In addition, ADST is investing in resources—both technological and human—to enhance our ability to capture, transcribe, and edit oral histories in a more timely and efficient manner. This will greatly boost our efforts to tell the stories of U.S. diplomacy.

Donations of any amount will demonstrate support for our mission, as well as contribute to enhancing the accessibility of our website, growing our collection of valuable oral histories, helping Foreign Service authors publish their books, and producing special content of interest to the general public — diplomatic “moments,” podcasts, and the Tales of American Diplomacy series.

Please stand with us and show your support for U.S. diplomacy and the preservation of the legacy of America’s diplomats. Because diplomacy matters — now more than ever!