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Aspen Homeless Shelter


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At the Aspen Homeless Shelter, our mission is to keep homeless persons alive, safe and fed; help them access resources to meet their needs, and assist in the transition to stability and self-reliance.


2019 in review

· 210 individual clients served

· 8,225 total client visits to Day Center and Overnight Shelter

· 15,110 total free meals provided

· 87% of clients were employed (20-50 hours per week)

· 183 clients were referred to medical, dental, mental health, addiction treatment programs, financial aid, employment or other life-changing services

· 9 clients were mainstreamed with employment and housing

· 6 clients have re-connected with their families and/or support networks

Each person that is cared for saves our community important resources in

· Annual cost estimate of services per homeless person is $35,000-$50,000 nationally

· AHS annual cost per person is $1,665 per client per year preventing:

             o unnecessary emergency room visits

             o law enforcement interventions

             o and other emergency measures

2020 preview

· INCREASE IN DEMAND for services is being addressed on policy and practical levels (looking for a dedicated venue and increasing case management staffing)

· DATA MANAGEMENT: converting all client information to an electronic format that can be shared among relevant agencies

· COLLABORATION: ever-increasing collaboration with other related services

· FUNDRAISING: identifying new sources of support to sustain growth

· ENHANCING WINTER OVERNIGHT SHELTER with extra staffing and case management


“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

We keep homeless persons alive, safe and fed; we serve as a gateway to assisting willing participants in the transition to stability and self-reliance.

day center 365/year

• job hunting assistance

• phone & internet

• mailing address

• laundry & showers

• toiletries, clothing, equipment

• transportation assistance

• storage lockers

• access to case management and health & human service providers

meal program 365/year

• hot evening meal daily at 6:00 pm

• special holiday meals

• self-serve meals throughout the day

• groceries to go

winter overnight shelter December – March

• a warm place to sleep in the St Mary Church classrooms

• open during the coldest months of the year


Linda is a local woman in her forties. She worked in Aspen for several years in retail when she suddenly lost her job due to downsizing at the end of the summer season and as a result lost her workforce housing.

This left her scrambling through her first off-season. Gaining regular new employment proved to be harder than she expected. Somewhat embarrassed and frustrated she found her way to our homeless shelter services.

Linda participated fully in our Day Center and Overnight Shelter for several months. She worked intermittently before she was able to secure the long-term retail position she now holds.

She saved up for permanent housing. She was a helpful and friendly client and worked her way through her frustrations and disappointments, such as breaking her arm in an icefall while homeless.

She now stops by occasionally and offers help and advice to clients who are experiencing her former difficulties.

Every one of our clients has a unique story and a unique set of challenges. We work with each of them individually to find solutions to their emergency needs.


“First of all, the expedient, open and non-judgmental care of the staff the first day I walked in helped me with basic food, health, and hygiene.”  — Homeless Client, 6.24.2019

“This place literally saves my life. Without this food, I would be dead.” — Homeless Client, 5.19.2019

“AHS has supported me by helping me get on SSDI for my brain injury and a neck injury that happened in 1986. My case manager is working really hard. All the staff here at AHS are so positive, and helpful. I would not be able to do this without them.” — Homeless Client, 2.4.2020

“I feel blessed I landed a good job three days into my job search. I am saving up for a van so I will have somewhere to go after the winter program is over.” — Homeless Client 2.3.2020

“The list goes on and on but the first thing that comes to mind is the support I’ve received from the staff who are always giving me good advice not to mention showers, laundry, food and a safe warm place to hang out with like-minded people who want to work and pull themselves up.” — Homeless Client 1.13.2020