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Asociación Kantaya

Kantaya believes in the power of education and has created after school spaces for dreams and learning for children in need.

https://www.kantayaperu.com/ Tax ID 81-3453418


Peru assumes one of the lowest positions in quality of education worldwide, ranking 129th out of 137 countries.

Kantaya’s mission is to promote quality education and holistic development for children living in extremely impoverished communities in Peru since they are the future of the world.

Ventanilla district, where Kantaya is based, is the poorest community in Lima, where 1 out of 3 children finish secondary education and only 2% have access to higher education.

The coronavirus crisis has not stopped Kantaya’s dedication. Following its commitment, Kantaya is reinventing itself by launching Kantaya’s Remote Learning Plan, that connects parents and children with Kantaya´s teachers. 

Kantaya assessed different ways to reach more than 270 children through social media platforms, a challenge where only 9% of extreme poor families have computer devices and an Internet access.

Therefore, to continue our labour in inspiring children to become their better version, Kantaya kids are in need of your support.