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Asian-American National Committee, Inc. (Aanc, Inc.)

A national non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organization, functioning as a: national educational, business and legal services, political, privacy/civil rights, and advocacy organization.

www.aancinc.org Tax ID 31-1707952


The  Asian-American  National  Committee,  Inc.  (AANC) has been duly authorized by the United States federal and state governments to represent all Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, Native-Americans, and others, along with minority small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States and abroad, for the past 21 years. We are also an official NGO of the United States government. 

Moreover, we have been collaborating and partnering with many well-known federal agencies, elected, business and community leaders, organizations, companies, and corporations, nationally and internationally, in international trades, foreign direct investments, supply chain, economic and business development, social justice, economic justice, health justice, and various related matters. 

Our AANC national office has been very active in leading, advocating, and passionately fighting against hate crimes, racial discrimination, and racial harassment that have been egregiously perpetrated against innocent Asian-Americans throughout the United States, along with many other important civil rights issues, as we have been for the past 21 years with many successes with the federal and states hate crime statutes duly passed and signed into law. 

The AANC is actively and passionately leading the Asian Lives Matter | Stop Asian Hate | Movement Starts Here. The AANC is  leading  and  empowering the Asian-American Civil Rights Movement along  with our various elected, civic,  business,  and  community leaders,  national and  international organizations,  and  corporate partners. Moreover,  the  AANC is also  leading  and  advocating  for the “10  Actionable Points Toward  Achieving  Justice,  Diversity,  Equity,  Inclusion,  and  Freedom.”  (Please  visit  our website  for  info).  

Let us bring Asian-Americans and others into the American mainstream and worldwide. Together, we can help each other to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion, so that everyone can have equal and fair opportunities in attaining the American Dream and more. 

Your much-needed financial donations and  support to make this becomes reality and successful are greatly appreciated. Be an agent  of change by joining  our Asian-American  Civil  Rights Movement.  Do not hesitate to contact us  at  info@aancinc.org  or call (855) 702-2262,  if you have any questions or in need of additional information. Thank  you . Take care.