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Luke 3:11 until Matthew 6:33, Inc. (a.k.a. Ministry of Aservant) is an American established church and faith-based organization (est. 2013) in Waco, TX, in the United States of America and is a partner of Matunda Mengi, a Kenyan organization created through the partnership of Ministry of Aservant (one of the organization's current aliases), YouthVest, a Kenyan organization focused on serving people on marginalized communities and creating spaces for them to learn, live and lead, and 3 localized churches in Kenya. LM633's primary goal in respects to this partnership is, ultimately, to create a better Kenyan society from the economical, educational, cultural, and spiritual perspectives through implementation of a community development project centered around addressing the needs of the many OVC's in the country and providing them with the right environments to remove social stigma and prepare them to be a part of the developing leadership of the future.

The project focuses on rehabilitating the OVC population of youth in an environment rich in atmosphere of two-parent (mother and father) households. Through integrating OVCs and homed children in such a way, the social ideology of the community can be molded into one more accepting of ideas from people with a myriad of differing backgrounds, abilities and tribes. Instead of simply meeting an obvious need in the sea of problems in a third world country, our aim is to utilize the meeting of the need in a manner that also progressively generates solutions to larger and more numerous pools of need and population. Over time, this can lead to the general improvement of national well-being and wealth. Our mission is simple; strengthen our societies at the local, state, national then international levels by growing changed, upstanding, hardworking, Christian individuals ready to become the building blocks of a brave new world.

Ministry of Aservant is a faith-based, non-profit organization in Waco, TX spearheaded by Femi J. Ariya a.k.a. the gospel minister/artist “Aservant” a young man with the vision to uplift and strengthen societies locally and at large through equipping individuals with the right tools for a healthy, fruitful life.  Our goal is create better societies from the economical, educational, cultural, and (principally) spiritual perspectives. Now, with a global partnership leading to the establishment of a subsidiary in Kenya and two ministry visions underway (the Harvest Field Project and  Christ for Kenya), Luke 3:11 until Matthew 6:33, Inc. is moving from the season of vision into a season of manifestation.