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Asavet Veterinary Charities

Non-profit mobile veterinary clinic

https://www.asavetcharities.org/ Tax ID 46-5746312


Asavet Charities is the non-profit of Dr. Karter Neal and Santa Cruz Vet Clinic. Dr. Neal’s reputation for high-volume spay/neuter excellence is known throughout the world. By donating to Asavet Charities, you are supporting efforts to provide top-quality veterinary care to animals − not just in Tucson and Pima County − but to needy animals far beyond.

The ASAVET Mobile Clinic offers services to Arizona and New Mexico. Through grants, donations and the support of rescue groups, Asavet offers low-cost and no-cost surgeries for companion animals that will make our animals healthier and their people happier.

To find out more about these services, e-mail us at info@asavetcharities.org.