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Inspiring positive community impact through art.

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Impact through Art

Artspace inspires positive community impact through art. We do this by engaging and educating all in the community about the creative process. We believe in creating avenues whereby the public and artists can come together to engender a better understanding and commitment to the visual arts. We partner with other arts organizations to expand the ways we can foster engage with the arts. 

Our vision is a world where art is celebrated and valued as an essential part of our vibrant and healthy community.

We aim to inspire artists, students and community members to effect positive change through access to creative experiences that foster connections and broaden perspectives.

We are a space for creativity, arts education and social practice comprised of artist residencies and exhibitions, K through post-graduate arts education, and community outreach.

Core Beliefs

Art is an essential part of a vibrant, healthy community and individual wellness.
The arts are an integral part of every stage of life.
Increasing accessibility and broadening access to the arts is at the core of our mission. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the arts.
Children who are introduced to art and the art-making process benefit from increased interpersonal and developmental skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
Exposure to the art-making process encourages social awareness, community-building and inspires innovation to problem-solve in creative ways.
Art is a vehicle for social good & positive community impact.
Support for artists is critical to fostering artistic growth.
Professional artists are vital for elevating community innovation and growth.
A thriving arts community creates cross-pollination of ideas and fosters innovation.
We value diversity, diverse perspectives and a more equitable, thriving community for all.