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Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop Street Gallery Our mission is to promote local artists' work and make art accessible to communities through available media space

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ArtPop Street Gallery since 2014 has provided over 20 million dollars of ad space to 350 artists. 

We turn the interstates, downtown streets, airports and more into city sized galleries. 

In 2019 we are testsing a Sr. High art student to receive all the benefits our adult artists too and provide a scholarship.  We are also providing a business of art course taught by ArtistsU.org so our artists can learn how to have successful careers in the arts.  Our hope is to bring these benefits to all of our ArtPop cities in 2020 and beyond.  With your donations, we know we can do this. 

Thank you for your support to insure we can do this for many years to come. 


founder, ArtPop Street Gallery