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The ART4GOOD FOUNDATION AUCTION is now open. The auction will run from December 12, 2011 to January 8, 2012, with proceeds going to ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc. in order to support THE ARTS, including specific projects now in development!
OUR MISSION is to "Inspire Change With Every Brush Stroke!" We support a multitude of social media programs offering opportunities for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively!
Would you like to know "WHO WE ARE"? Our team is pretty darn cool! Every one is a volunteer! Absolutely no one takes a salary or any compensation for their efforts! Our advisory board in comprised of, primarily retirees, who have restarted their engines with vigor in support of the world of Philanthropy via THE ARTS!! They include the Former Chief of Staff of UNESCO, a Retired Attorney for the IRS and GAO; a school teacher who is a FULL time Philanthropic Activist, and an assortment of expert forte driven folks, median age of 55, that simply WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! See more details here:
The Art4Good Foundation
Non Profit Organization
"Inspiring Change With Every Brush Stroke!"
It is always the creative ones who truly change the world. The mission of the Art 4 Good Foundation is two fold: to engage and encourage creativity in kids of all ages and inspire them to give back.
How does all of this add up to our mission to "Celebrate Creativity and Give Back?"
Throughout the centuries, artists and commerce have remained somewhat "conflicted". We believe that there is an ARTIST in each and every person; a creative nature that needs to be nurtured, encouraged, and applauded. There is a healing process that many have discovered in themselves when they discover the ARTIST, the creative nature in themselves. Art is NURTURE. Art is in the NATURE of every person in some form.
By providing integrated platforms to celebrate that creativity; to nuture that nature, the only challenge that remains is to create a NEW PATH that can bridge the artist in YOU, via the "commerce" by GIVING BACK!
On our web-site, we feature specific Charity Galleries. We also provide a way for those who are "just looking" because they simply love art, to donate DIRECTLY to those charities too!
"SUITABLE FOR FRAMING", the intended publications for which we are now fund raising, also provide new "ripples of change" for the YOUNG at ART! With so many arts programs being cut from our schools in tandem with the challenge of "available wall space" for even the most avid art collector, our mission is to create, WITH YOUR SUPPORT, a series of beautiful ART and POETRY books; a thematic and ongoing series for everyone who is on the "same page". Proceeds from THIS auction, can provide the "seed monies" to produce. Proceeds from the future sales of the books series can provide "seeds of change", as books will be made available for participating schools to raise funds for art programs for their students.

Why your purchases of art and/or our other truly creative items means to much:
When you acquire works of art, jewelry, Art2Wear and other special gifts here, you are also making an investment in both the world of The Arts and in the world of giving back and "doing good"; creatively maximizing the impact of our collective ongoing contributions.
We will be enabled to donate our support to a multitude of worthy causes via our art collection sales and auctions, and our staff and volunteers can continue our growing public outreach and massive following of like minded people.
Everyone wins. Everyone benefits.
100% of net proceeds (exclusive of actual costs of artworks made available here and costs of shipping and handling) are reinvested in projects that support The Arts
Auction items range from exotic vacation getaways to TRULY RARE and Extremely Collectible Works of ART, Creative Gifts, and Art2Wear from ALL over the world! These donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community. Let the bidding begin!
LAST, but NOT LEAST, we are very happy to SHARE with our heART! As you will notice, we have created some very special and specific CHARITY galleries for others within this auction!
Any charitable foundations that are interested in 1) adding ART or JEWELRY to their ongoing auction and/or 2) requesting a "thematic gallery" HERE to benefit their cause, 501 (c) (3) non profit, we are happy to HELP!
CONTACT US directly at:
Happy Holidays Everyone!



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