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Arrow of Vengeance "The first of a new era}

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What is Arrow of Vengeance?

The Game will be set in an post apocalyptic era. The game will be set in 2020 1 year after a nuclear civil war in the Republic (fictional place) which killed 99% of humanity. There are only 2 groups of people left. The Republican Survivors lead by a brutal dictatorship which won the war and a tiny yet deadly force of Archers known as the Boroka. The Boroka were oblivious to other forms of society as they were in the Amazon forest. They still used semi - primitive weaponry like the Bow and Arrow. However, they had been using these types of weapons for centuries and thus were deadly. The Thermonuclear war destroyed the Amazon forest and all but a handful of Boroka warriors.

The remnants of the Boroka warriors swore to seek vengeance against the remainders of the people who had killed their people! The Boroka remanence force would continue in a series of attacks to steal a piece of Intel that would lead them to the grand orchestrator of the war. The President. In this first person fighter game you are playing as the Boroka and will face the Republican military survivors to achieve justice for the humanity they destroyed! To get there the player must complete 8 extreme missions and overcome the temptation of money to complete their mission to kill the president.

In this game the line between life and death, good or bad becomes ever blurred. As vengeance burns and honor dwindles the Boroka are forced to ask themselves if they are really the good guys? This game is not only an epic physical battle but also a darker mental battle.

What will gameplay be like?

The gameplay will be first person. You will view the world in the first person perspective. The maps will be designed in such away that stealth is essential in your attacks, especially in Single Player where you are fighting people with far superior weaponry. Because of the Boraks natural habitat they are used to using their surroundings and are masters at stealthily hiding in the shadows. As the player, you will have to learn, when and if to engage targets, how to use your surroundings to blend in and most importantly you will guide your character in the way that suits your playing style.

The difference between this game and others, is not only playing as the underdog but the obvious moral battle in your character, asking when is too far? You the player control how far your character will go for vengeance.

The essence of Borak culture

The Borak culture is situated around a strong connection to the spirit or otherworld. They believe and perform some remarkable acts with the help of ancient tradition that ‘modern’ people could only dream of. They use the spirit world to accomplish their goals but traditionally they stay clear of using the spirit world for violence as they have a profound respect and awe or even fear of the power that lies in the spirit world. In the game they use the spirit world to seek vengeance and surcome to the darker aspects of the spirit world in their quest for vengeance. How far is too far? That must be deemed by the player. How far will you go, how much will you sacrifice, and how many traditions will you violate in your quest? If you go too far you may become the evil you fight against and lose the power that has been bestowed upon you.

The Borak have been completely cut off from the rest of the world and as a result have had no need to change their ways. They have kept to their craft for thousands of years and as a result are extremely good with their chosen weapons. A Borak child will chose his predominant weapon at a very early age and train with that weapon primarily throughout his life for hours each day. They also have a great connection to nature that modern people have lost. They can track their prey with only the slightest trace. They above all respect nature and only kill animals to feed. When an animal is killed they must perform rituals to make sure its transition into the spirit world is peaceful. They utilize every portion of the animal making sure none of it goes to waste. The most sacred of all of their laws, is that you may not kill a hunter or you will suffer the wrath of the spirit world and will be trapped a daemon neither human nor spirit, neither alive nor dead for the rest of your days.

Real quick, The Boroka are:

A group elite fighter still using primitive weapons like bows and arrows with a deep connection to the forest and spirit world.
They have been excluded from other forms of society in the Amazon forest
Stealthy warriors able to challenge any person in hand to hand combat
A group of warriors that are all but extinct, with one group of warriors left
They will do whatever it takes to fulfill their destinies

For more information, there’s a lot to read down below. Also - all games come with a digital copy of the Manual.

Here’s the deal. We’re doing crowdfunding on Kickstarter.We have already secured enough funds to make sure the project can be started, and distributed once done! But we do need some more money in order to pay for multiplayer servers and the final development of the idea. We have a lot more we want to add to Arrow Of Vengeance and we need your help to do it!
The money raised here on Kicktstarter will be used to make the game a reality.
The console is undoubtedly the future of gaming and many may argue it is the present. Our game however will be available on: Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3/4 as well as PC.
This game will reach ALL GAMERS, regardless of their chosen platform. We already have secured the games place on:
- Steam
- Xbox Live Store
- Playstation Store
Ask not what your genre can do for you, but what you can do for your favorite genre.

The entire concept of FPS gaming has been limited by games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. People generally think of First person shooter games as games where two military forces clash using advanced weaponry.
However here at Big Bang Labs and AOV Industries we believe that FPS gaming is much, much more. We are reinventing the definition of FPS. For the first time ever there will be an FPS game where you play against forces far superior weaponry. For the player to be successful he must adapt and truly master his weaponry. This new era of FPS gaming is not defined by your weapon but rather your skill with your chosen weapon.

The Reasons You'll Want to Play Arrow of Vengeance

Large Maps that make force the player to change their style

All the maps are large and in a post apocalyptic era all the maps are constantly changing as you play. The player is forced to use his map to his advantage in order to accomplish their objectives.

Guide your players moral compass

In this game you have to deem whether to let your player be guided solely by revenge or to keep his moral compass in check. Like never before you can change the storyline by influencing your fellow warriors to take the path of good or evil.

Micro updates rule!
We’re not interested in having yearly updates. Once live, we will have a team of people adding content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. So we’ll always be adding data, sand modifying maps as well as reacting to the needs and actions of the players.

Changing Technology
As the player you have the option to adopt more modern technology into your more primitive weaponary. You can fully customize your weaponry. The more modern you get the more difficult it is, as you have not been trained with modern weapons.

The spirit or otherworld

The Boroka warriors are strong warriors in their own right, however they have several rituals where they use the power of the spirit world to improve their performance in battle. As the story progresses you will learn how to use this great power to your advantage.

The power of good VS bad
When a player’s moral compass starts to be corrupted, by killing when there is no need to or accepting bribes he may start suffering seizures. The players character will start a fight with the spirits as he is straying away from ancient law and he must either right his wrongs or face the wrath of the spirit world.

Allowing user generated content is a key design goal
The player will not only customize how his character looks with Tatoos, Clothes and body customization etc.. But he will customize his weapons and use peices of enemy technology to better his weapons.

It’s about the gameplay and your interactions with others
The game is also very social, we will allow users to post any videos of gameplay online without removing it for copyright. This will make the game spread not only with our in game chat but on forums and video sharing sites.

In the post apocalyptic era money is meaningless
Money is meaningless in this game, you get better gear by finding it on fallen foes or in multiplayer unlocking it as you level up.

On your journey you may find some survivors, many of these will have grudges against certain people. Eliminate these people and in return get a reward. But be warned this does effect your moral compass.

Realistic gravity
Due to our powerful game engine the gravity is realistic however the player must learn to use this to their advantage.
AI controlled enemies
The enemies will be controlled automatically by our game engine. The player may learn how to recognise patterns in the guards walks and go by undetected. Being observant pays!

A+ Graphics
Our game engine is very strong and renders fast clear graphics which rival that of Crysis 3 or Call of Duty.

Joystick, gamepad, mouse, keyboard are all supported.
We’ve all got our preferences, so why be forced to choose?

Next generation, TODAY
Running on extremely powerful engines this game requires good CPU and graphics as it is more powerful than most games the world has seen!
A PC gaming enthusiast’s friend!
As you upgrade your PC, Arrow of Vengeance will take advantage of your extra processor cores, memory or GPUs. This is why you’re a PC gamer – you love being on the cutting edge, not stuck in the past!

You can be the person to make this a reality. You can tell your friends that it was you who helped make this new era of gaming a reality.
Arrow of Vengeance is based on what thousands of gamers have told us that they want to see in FPS gaming, we listen to our audiences.

We know it may not look like this, but we do!
We have invested our own capital into this project because we truly believe it is the future of not only FPS gaming, but gaming in general.
Instead of taking this idea to a big brand like who would give us money for it and then bury it to make sure the big names do not get competition. We know that this game is going to send shockwaves through the gaming community. Now you can help us make that happen!
You as the customer get the ultimate vote in whether we make this game. Your dollars are your votes and the better we do the more resources we’ll have to bring you a great game.
We have already secured backing from our partners Big Bang Labs as well as other private investors. However WE NEED YOU! We need you to make this game real.
But we're offering more than just the chance to support the platform and genre.
As an early backer, you’ll also be getting a lot more than just the finished game.
For the people who give us their vote, they will be part of a select club that has exclusive access to early gameplay and behind the scenes development updates.
Please support us, tell your friends and participate in the discussion. An amazing adventure waits!



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