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Arc Athens Inc

Infusing international talent in a talent-rich city

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a non-profit organization dedicated to hosting visual artists and curators from all parts of the world to live and create in Athens, Greece—thereby facilitating a diverse influx of expression, production, and learning in a city brimming with creative energy.


is to create a foundational presence in the city of Athens that supports and promotes growth in the visual arts community through a comprehensive artist residency program that will enrich artists and communities on both the local and the international levels.


is designed to fully support artists and curators during their residency by providing the time, space and resources needed to create freely while immersed in a new environment, community and culture—potentially integrating elements of that experience into their work.


are based on the aim to enrich Athens in every aspect possible. From tapping sources outside of Greece for funding, to creating new jobs, each of our activities bear in mind the importance of supporting Athens as much as we support the arts.