Arcadia Dunks for Meals 2017



233% Raised of$5,000 Goal

Arcadia Dunks for Meals 2017 Photo
Arcadia Dunks for Meals 2017 Photo

The Story

Last year defied expectations, we killed it frankly. We are at it again, in what seems dangerously close to a tradition, but this time around we've add a small competition to the mix. Simply donate here to the Greater Boston Food Bank, nominate an Arcadia employee to be dunked, then donate again to make sure they lose in spectacular fashion! The top 10 (14 if we make it $5,000) nominees (“Dunkees”) that have the most money donated in their name will be randomly assigned to 2 opposing teams, which will compete in a grueling relay race, before the losers have to face the Dunk Tank.

Here’s what to do: Nominate a Dunkee. Do it now.

  1. Nominate an Arcadian as a possible Dunkee by donating to the GBFB – very important … when you donate make sure to answer the question “Which Arcadian would you like to nominate for the Dunk Tank?” Don't worry too much about spelling we've got some fancy name matching tech to cover you.
  2. Watch the Leaderboard @ to track the progress of your nominated Dunkee and ensure they are still a top slot. If they are not and you are really serious, donate again!
  3. Check back in after the nomination process closes to see what team your Dunkee is on. Donate again to deck them out with sweet accessories to ensure your Dunkee's team loses the relay race and faces the Tank. Importantly, remember to answer the question "How will you accessorize your Dunkee?" with 1 of 3 things, a "Blindfold", "Flippers", or "T-Rex".
  4. Come to Kimball Farms with your game face and throwing arm.

We'll have some costumes available for the Dunkees if they would like, and a number of game day buy-ups.

I highly recommend you recruit Bob to throw, or well ... Zach ... apparently. Though one of the two is playing for keeps.

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Arcadia Dunks 2017

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