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Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning

Academic Camps for Thinkers & Dreamers

www.appalachianinstitute.org/ Tax ID 62-1866565


We celebrate the life of the mind. We  call our campers “motivated learners,” figuring anyone who shows up to  take biology, math, or art in July is motivated. AICL creates an  environment in which it is safe to laugh and learn, to risk and fail,  and to experiment with something outside of one’s competence.

Through outreach and scholarships, we  foster a racially and economically diverse community. At AICL, we see  everyone as both a learner and a teacher. We encourage social and  intellectual interactions that will enable our students to fulfill their  personal, professional, and academic potential. Because we build  curricula based on the idea that learning is fun and should be on-going,  we prepare our students to engage our complex world with insight,  empathy, and confidence. When a camper comes to AICL, they have an  opportunity to join a community of educators and students who are  passionate about learning and creating.