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By helping others, we help ourselves.

https://apoyofoodbank.org/ Tax ID 91-1970470


We give food and other donated items to anyone who comes to our door.  Most of our clients are from the Mexican immigrant community in our area.  But many clients are also Central Washington University students.   We are an all-volunteer organization whose board is comprised of current and retired CWU faculty and members of the local immigrant community.  Students, faculty and clients volunteer and support our mission.  We have been located on the CWU campus since 2001, and we could not afford to stay in business without the space CWU provides.  But since January of 2020, the CWU administration has been trying to shut us down.  We are currently in negotiations with a new Provost, and we hope to come to a new agreement that will enable us to continue operating on campus.  But we need all the financial help we can get.