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Apollo's ARC Animal Rescue and Care

www.apollosarc.org Tax ID 83-0977586


We are a small grass roots advocacy and rescue organization based on a genuine love and respect for all life. Although we have been saving animals for our entire lives, Apollo's Arc Animal Rescue and Care was created in 2018 in honor of our pup Apollo, a warm and loving Pitbull Mastiff cross who came into our lives with a blue-eyed bang (those soulful eyes turned golden soon after). He sadly and suddenly passed from this world at the tender age of 2 years. Apollo had the right ideas in this life and he taught us much: he welcomed any and all animals into our home, our arms, and our paws, with pleasure and gusto.  In his name, we do the right thing for any animal we can - we rescue, return, rehabilitate, and release or re-home those that need our help. Thank you for showing us the way, buddy boy.  You are in our hearts always.

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