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Apollo Foundation


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About Apollo Foundation

Apollo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization founded by passionate students and supported by various well-achieved Outreach Directors that work to provide better and more enhanced education to impoverished students around the world. We do so through our dedicated volunteers, exceptional international chapters, compassionate sponsors/partners, and our ambitious management team.


Chapters are an essential aspect of the Apollo Foundation as they allow various volunteers from the international community to come together and help impoverished schools and students from all across the world. These Chapters work on specific initiatives and spread the word in local communities and regions. They serve as an organized manner to create a network of volunteers and leaders; overall it allows us to accomplish more as a group. Creating a Chapter requires a large amount of effort and knowledge in organizing events, gaining volunteers, and raising money, thus, they are kept at the very minimum. If interested, simply contact us through email with your inquiry.


The Apollo Foundation aims to develop curriculums, raise funds, and foster awareness for impoverished schools and children through the support of our volunteers. Registered with the Corporation of National and Community Service, the Apollo Foundation is proud to present the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to volunteers who serve our foundation. Furthermore, Apollo Foundation volunteers around the world are eligible for awards in accordance with their country. Ready to volunteer? Make sure to read information about the Volunteer Departments and its roles, then, simply sign-up and chose your desired volunteer role, chapter (if applicable), and the reasoning for why you deserve the volunteer role.


While focusing support on the Roshni Learning Center, Apollo Foundation has partnered with the Asante Africa Foundation, Area9 Lyceum, and the Taleem Doo Foundation to provide education and funding to impoverished students around the world along with our dedicated volunteers and supporters. The Executive Board of the Apollo Foundation has worked hard to launch several initiatives within various countries and regions. These initiatives are purely led by the Apollo Foundation and are supported by volunteers, supporters, and sponsors. Some initiatives are additionally funded and managed with the help of our partners.


If you would like to contact Apollo Foundation for any business inquiries, partnerships, sponsorships or anything else in that manner, please contact us at contact@apollofdn.org. If you would like to contact Apollo Foundation to learn more about what we do, where we put our money, who we work with, and anything else going on with Apollo Foundation, please contact us at info@apollofdn.org. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Apollo Foundation and want to know more about what opportunities there are, please contact us at volunteer@apollofdn.org and visit our volunteer page. If you are having trouble with our Volunteer Portal/Sign-up and you would like personal assistance, please contact us at support@apollofdn.org. If you are interested in starting a chapter with Apollo Foundation and want more info on the procedures to becoming one, please contact us at chapter@apollofdn.org.