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Fundraising for the 1 in 4

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Approximately one out of every four pregnancies will end in a loss.  This means that every day in the Greater Baton Rouge Area a family receives the devastating news that their baby has died.  Anna's Grace was created so that these families do not have to feel alone.  Our foundation is here to help.

Anna's Grace provides financial assistance to families who may need help with end-of-life expenses.  Burial and grave marker costs are not typically covered by insurance for an infant and can be overwhelming for a grieving family.  Our foundation will pay, in full or in part, the costs associated with these unexpected expenses.

Anna's Grace also provides grave markers for babies whose parents were not able to afford one at the time of death.  These special markers allow families to acknowledge their babies by name - an important step in the healing process.

Planning to say goodbye can be very difficult for families who have never had to plan a funeral for a loved one.  Anna's Grace has created booklets which offer gentle guidance on how to make end-of-life arrangements for little ones.  These booklets are available upon request and through local hospitals.

Finally, our website provides a safe place for families to remember their babies.  Our Virtual Memorial Garden allows families to acknowledge their babies by name by placing a custom butterfly in our garden.  Our hope is that being able to see their baby's name anytime they wish will bring some measure of comfort.

Our mission to support families is only possible through donations and contributions from people like you.  Please consider helping us by becoming an Anna's Grace fundraiser today!

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