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Anjiro Initiative

Empowering students for a brighter future

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Anjiro Initiative supports charitable and educational programs in disadvantaged communities in Madagascar by providing grants to local schools and other community organizations.

Anjiro is a small farming, rural community in Eastern Madagascar. The community is also home to six schools. Popular cultural activities include hosting “famadihanas” (a sacred Malagasy ritual that honors the lives of beloved ancestors), engagements, marriages, and circumcision. Residents often encounter hardships stemming from limited access to education, employment, health care, global markets, and protections against the harmful effects of climate change.
Since 2014, our community-driven organization has supported more than 600 disadvantaged students with opportunities to enroll in primary and secondary school in Anjiro.

Your donations are used to provide educational grants to local schools in Anjiro. Anjiro Initiative currently works with three local schools, and partners with their administrations to identify disadvantaged students in need of financial support.
Anjiro Initiative engages closely with school administration, beneficiary families and students, and the local government to monitor the progress of our grant making program, ensuring that we are accountable to those we serve.