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Help us build a Animal Shelter Facility in Jefferson County, MT


The Animal Shelter and Care Committee are dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals through shelter, education and spay/neuter endeavors in Jefferson County, Montana. For over twelve years this group has been striving to help address the animal concerns of Jefferson County by providing two annual low cost shot clinics and two annual low cost spay & neuter clinics. The increasing number of stray, lost and abandoned animals throughout the County has become an overwhelming concern for the wellbeing and safety of County residents and hundreds of animals on the roadways.

While some great strides have been made with the spay and neuter program, the AS&CC still has a lot yet to accomplish. Since Jefferson County, MT has no animal shelter, our  ultimate goal is to raise the funds to build and facilitate a county wide animal shelter. The shelter will have the philosphy that the shelter will do all it can to place every animal in a loving home. The proposed 5,000 sq. ft. shelter will house at least 30 dogs, 42 cats and provide the needed venue space to continue the Spay and Neuter Program.

The AS&CC has obtained a long term land lease agreement for the purpose of a Shelter on 2.6 acres south of Boulder, MT. and now turns thire focus on raising the needed funds to complete the first phase of the project. This phase will include breaking ground, pouring a foundation, erecting a 50' X 100" steel frame building and installing utilities to the building site.

This process will not be easy or cheap, however  with your help, it will be one that will contribute to being one step closer to giving haven to stray, lost and unwanted animals. Please do what you can and help us build  this facility. Lets make a mark in history and build the first animal shelter facility in Jefferson County, MT. 

Remember, we are a small coummunity based non profit organization and every donation is crutual to help make this project a reality. 

Thank you for all of your support and kindness.