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Idaho Animal Rescue Network

We are an animal rescue based in Idaho that focuses on neglect and cruelty cases.

http://IdahoRescue.org Tax ID 84-3924550


Who Are You?  We are a group of experienced animal rescue individuals based in the Lewiston, ID area.  Some of our administrators have experience in processing large scale animal cruelty/neglect scenes, rehabilitation, training, and working on criminal cases pertaining to animal abuse and neglect.  Together, we offer decades of experience in professional rescue environments.  We are members of the Nez Perce County Prosecutor's Office Animal Cruelty Unit as well.

Idaho has terrible animal protection laws and rates of prosecution.  We aim to change that.

What’s Your Story?  After spending several years working with a couple large rescues and sanctuaries in the Seattle area and working with some smaller rescue organizations in the Lewis Clark Valley, we noticed that there was not a rescue focused on working with law enforcement or specifically with animals involved with neglect and cruelty cases in our area.  Almost immediately upon founding Idaho Animal Rescue Network we were receiving calls from several law enforcement agencies to assist with cases.  Sadly, while we are new, we are already staying very busy with cruelty and neglect cases.

What Types of Animals Do You Take In?  The majority of the animals we take in are from neglect, cruelty, and/or abuse situations.  Many of them come to us via law enforcement referrals and referrals from other rescues.  Our goal is to ensure these animals are given a warm and loving environment to recover both physically and mentally during the legal process or until they are ready for adoption.

What Services Do You Offer?  We offer a place for animals to be fostered as they navigate the legal system or await adoption.  We provide these animals veterinary care and a temporary home to deescalate and heal both physically and mentally.  We also provide a pet food pantry in our area and vaccinations.  We are currently working towards a spay and neuter program as well.

What is the Best Way to Contact You?  Right now the best way to contact us is via our FB Page Messenger or via email at IdahoPetRescue@gmail.com.  If you are with a law enforcement agency or other rescue/shelter, we can provide you phone numbers for one of our administrators.

Are You a Non-Profit?  Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Idaho.