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Wildlife Sanctuary & Sanctuary for the Human Spirit

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We have made it our mission to broaden the horizons of children and adults alike, from all walks of life, through the meeting of our rescued and re-homed animal ambassadors that represent places from all around the world.

By bringing to life such places as Australia, Africa, and the rainforests of South America we will work to instill the feelings of wonder and awe. Feelings that we believe will be the catalyst for realizing the pride of ownership that is needed to drive our society to preserve the beautiful works of Mother Nature and her habitats worldwide.

We will work to light that spark - in every person we can reach – that makes them say, “I can make a difference in this big, big world”.

It is our mission as well to increase awareness of the ever expanding exotic pet trade and educate about the pros, cons and commitment involved in the keeping of exotic OR domestic pets. We will promote the importance of responsible pet ownership and husbandry practices. We will educate the public on the importance of researching a pet before bringing it home, and are dedicated to providing sanctuary, either temporary or permanent, to any animal in need

A driving force behind Animal Ed.ventures ™ is the truest wish for a kinder, gentler world. A world where acceptance, love, mindfulness, and harmony between Humans and our World is a way of life instead of simply a dreamer’s idealistic fantasy.