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Animal Ark Rescue was founded in 2011 with the mission to help create and maintain a no-kill community in Columbus, GA. In 2011 the euthanasia rate in our city was over 80% with a live release rate of around 20%. At the end of 2016 for the first time in our city's history the euthanasia rate dropped to less than 10% thanks to our partnership with local animal control agencies.

Since 2011 Animal Ark Rescue has saved over 14,000 animals from our local Animal Controls. In 2012 we implemented a "puppy no-kill zone" ensuring that puppies would no longer be euthanized due to lack of space at Animal Control. Following this came our "Love of Mommies" program. The Love of Mommies program pulls pregnant and nursing momma dogs and cats as well as their babies from the kill-list. We place mom and babies in foster care, once the babies are old enough both mother and babies return to the Ark where they are spayed/neutered, vetted, and put up for adoption. After assuring the safety of the mothers and babies we turned our focus to the senior animals. We believe that all animals deserve a chance at life, no matter how young or old. We have a "Senior for Seniors" program that offers waived adoption fees for animals over 7yrs to adopters over 65yrs old. We have a numbber of life-saving medical programs in place at the Ark, including but not limited to: Urgent/Emergent medical cases (illness & injury), neonatal kitten and bottle babies program, parvo ICU, Kennel Cough ward, Demodex and mange rehabilitation, and ringworm ward. So many animals suffer or are turned away just because of an illness. We believe in treating these animals and giving them the second chance that they deserve. The emotional and mental well being of the animals that we take in is just as important as their physical well being, this is why Animal Ark Rescue has a number of behavior and enrichment programs in place. Behavior programs include: Foster Care (almost all of our animals are foster eligible), Dogs playing for Life play group program, Shy Dog foster rehabilitaion, Adult dog outings program (weekend foster, doggy dates, & dog hikes). Currently the most at risk group for euthanasia in our city is adult mixed breed dogs over 30lbs. It is our goal to focus on this demographic with life saving behavior programs, adult dog foster care, as well as increased marketing. We are well on our way to achieveing our goals, but we cannot sustain these life saving programs without your help. If you believe that animals deserve a chance then please, DONATE and help us save even more lives!