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As a survivor of domestic violence who ended up moving away and changing my identity to stay safe from my abuser, I not only moved to a place where I knew not a single person but once I was moved, I went thru a complete identity change. I changed my name, got a new social security number and took on a whole new life. In doding so, I left behind my work experience, my career, my education from kindergarten to college, my home, my family, my personal property etc... Here I am, severa; years later and still I struggle with how to obtain the things in life I need and hope to have. The things we all dream of. Without proof of education and work, finding a job is difficult, finding a decent job is impossible I have learned. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have GREAT pride in myself for making the decisions I have made to get away but the identity change, while it kept me safe for years, limits me in so many ways that financially, I have obstical after obstical to over come to obtain the simplest of American dreams. Home ownership. I have tried to work in photography as I have a passion for the art but, with the limitations I have on the people I can reach to sell my work, the attempt at this business, is literally going no where. It is my goal, that I can obtain the dreams I have. But I cannot do it on my own. I need help, not because of anything I have done in my past, but because I was abused so severly that when I left, to remain safe andf alive, I had to take drastic measures to keep me safe and those measures I took were HUGE sacrifices that have limited me dramatically, and prevent me from my dreams of home ownership and a successful photography business to help me stay afloat, financially. I would appreciate any help I can get so that I too, can chase my dreams which are really very modest. A home, a car, a studio so that I can finally be able to be self sufficient. Without help, it will never be obtained thru no fault of my own. It's the price I have had to pay, for leaving my abuser and ensuring my safety by legally changing my identity and moving away, to a rural community. So any help at all to nudge me in the direction of obtaining my shot at the American dream, would be more than greatly appreciated.



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