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American Guild of Organists (901 Central Arizona Chapter)

The Metro Phoenix Area Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

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     In the 21st century, playing a pipe organ might seem a bit anachronistic. After all, with a modern computer and a bit of software, anyone can create music easily today. But we in the American Guild of Organists (AGO) believe that the pipe organ has an important place not just in the history of music, but also in the future of music making.

     The pipe organ is an amazing melding of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, carpentry and fine woodworking, acoustics, artistry, and wind that has continued to evolve over the centuries. The modern organ isn't just a dusty stack of pipes that only plays hymns in churches. The modern organ is a finely-tuned machine: from instruments that are mechanically controlled by the player, to those incorporating circuitry and computers that allow a single performer to both play and record virtually any piece of music. What would otherwise require a full band or orchestra can be played by one performer. There really is nothing else in the musical world like it.

     However, because of its size and complexity, a pipe organ isn't an instrument you can simply run down to your local music store and buy! So, the AGO provides support for organists of all ages and skill levels. We offer scholarships for students to learn the organ, teachers to give instruction, and opportunities to practice on organs throughout the city.

     Every season we offer workshops for students and fans of the instrument. We also organize concerts and events for audiences around the Metro Phoenix area that are open to the public. We want the world to know and love the "King of Instruments"!

     The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to enrich lives through organ and choral music. To achieve this, we:  

         • Encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music;  

         • Inspire, educate, and offer certification for organists and choral conductors;  

         • Provide networking, fellowship, and mutual support;  

         • Nurture future generations of organists;  

         • Promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles; and  

         • Engage wider audiences with organ and choral music.

      We need your support in our mission to promote the majesty and beauty of the organ. Come and learn about what we do and see for yourself!

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