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American Entertainment Works Inc. (AEWorks)

Creativity With a Conscience

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Hi, my name is Alan Reitano. I’m a musician, composer, screenwriter, and filmmaker - which is a long way of saying, I’m a storyteller.

I created American Entertainment works in 2013, as a not-for-profit, to document and preserve the American cultural experience. AEWorks focuses on high quality, professionally produced programs, using a broad range of story based media: from music and theater, to documentaries, dramatic film, podcasts and more...

Our mission is to entertain and educate, while allowing audiences to connect their own stories with ours.

We call it Creativity With A Conscience.

From programs like "Blues Alley" showcasing the people, places and stories of American muusic, to "The Story Of Carols," revealing how and when some of our favorite Christmas tunes came into being,  to multiple albums and artists featuring the best of the great American songbook, to "A Vote Of Her Own," a theatrical/musical experience honoring the 100th anniversary of the19th amendment, giving women the right to vote...

 AEWorks creates programs based on quality first and the bottom line second.

Now, we're inviting you to be a part of creating exceptional entertainment - while  preserving and documenting the best of the American culture experience.

Make a contribution now!

Thank You.

Alan Reitano

Executive Director/American Entertainment Works Inc.