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American Islamic Society Inc

Reviving the Knowledge and Spirituality of Islam

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Our Mission: 

- To build a community of faith and morals by improving understanding of Islam 

- To serve as a resource of knowledge and spirituality for the community

- To promote love of faith and humanity

- To establish a comprehensive educational center 

Our Services:

Place for Worship: 

- Daily Prayers

- Special Prayers (Eid, Taraweeh, and Sacred Nights)

Education: (In English/Urdu/Arabic)  

- Full Time Quran Classes (Nazirah, Tajweed, Hifz) 

- Aqeedah/Fiqh (Creed/Islamic Jurisprudence) Classes

- Islamic Education for Adults (Men & Women), Children of all ages 

- Prophet Story-telling Sessions for Children 

- Interactive Questions & Anwers Sessions for the Youth

- Halaqa-Zikr (Sufi Meditation) Sessions 

- Tazkiyah (Purification of the Heart) Sessions 

Facility:  The Center will include the following: 

- Seperate Arrangement for Sisters and young Children

- 1 Prayer/Lecture Hall for Men 

- 1 Prayer/Lecture Hall for Women

- Office Area

- Conference Room 

- 1 Large Refreshment Area for Men

- 1 Large Refreshment Area for Women along with Childrens Play Area 

- 5 Classrooms 

- Kitchen 

- Accessible Restrooms for Men & Women  (Wudu Area) 

- Free Parking Available 

Programs & Events: AIS will host the following events:

- Community Events 

- Aqeeqah, Bismillah, Nikah, Khatm-e- Quran/Ameen Celebrations

- Monthly Spirtual Retreats 

- Special Events with Scholars 

- Monthly Community-Building Activities  

- Shahada (Revert) Ceremonies 

- Women & Social Affairs 

- Senior Programs

- Funeral Services (Salatul-Janazah, Fatiha Khawni, Ziyarat) 

- Free Health & Legal Advisory Events