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America Raves- Redeemed Artists Victoriously Exalting The Savior I's Fundraiser:

America RAVES Inc.

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June 05, 2017

We are approaching the finish line to complete production of this amazing film to educate, enlighten and entertain you. So stay plugged in and  See more


This fundraiser is in support of our HIV Initiative to educate the masses and expose the stigma of HIV. Young people all over the country are impacted by increasing infection rates among teens and young adults. Statistics report that Georgia is 5th among HIV infections and National Statistics report that young people between 12-25 years old are among the highest rates. The project consists of  a feature film that shares the journey of a high school senior infected with HIV. It offers many facts about living with HIV and finding hope for a long life.  In addition, we are training young people, as young as 11 years old in the art of filmmaking, by casting them for parts in the movie and allowing them to actively participate as production crew. We are utilizing this important initiative to provide training, skills building, summer work, hands on experience and empowering young people to make good decisions.  The money will go towards training, stipends, field trips and meals.  Our goals are to educate and inspire young people, in hopes that career and employment exploration is among the benefits.  Young people have embraced this project in effort to reach other young people so that HIV and other sexually transmitted disease are eliminated.     




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