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Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary Inc

It's never too late for happy ever afters.

https://www.alwaysandfurever.org Tax ID 81-5468682


In three short years, the Little Red Barn went from a dilapidated horse barn to a loving senior dog sanctuary, filled with overstuffed couches, warm blankets, classical music, plenty of food, and most importantly love. What started as a dream to save 19 dogs transformed into a reality of saving 2,000+ dogs (and cats)... and counting!

We rescue the animals no one else wants. 

While we are primarily a senior focused dog sanctuary, if there is an animal in need and  we can help, we find a way.


We take in the seniors who are too old to play. The sickly who need medical attention. The injured who are abandoned on the side of the road. The emotionally abused who don't know who to trust. The emotionally troubled and reactive dogs who need training, love, and patience. 

We believe ALL animals deserve a loving home. And if we cannot find a home, we will be that home for them.  

We also believe you cannot put a price on saving a soul. We never charge for adoptions. And we cover all medical costs until each animal finds its furever home. 

But rescue work takes time, dedication, and money. So... we rely solely on donations.

We would love to partner with you! Your financial donation will help us save more deserving dogs and cats.