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Alternative Theater Ensemble

Centering Indigenous and underrepresented voices

www.altertheater.org Tax ID 86-1110074


AlterTheater’s goal is twofold: To bring theater to a wide range of the community, and to offer a  platform for underrepresented voices.

We make theater more accessible by performing in storefronts and unique locations in downtown San Rafael, often only steps from the sidewalk. Our aim is to reconnect all theatergoers with the power of intimate, immediate storytelling.

We’re proud to partner with new and emerging playwrights who tell their stories as Indigenous people, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We regularly produce new work and collaborate with local artists.

Founded on the principles of ensemble collaboration and artistic risk, AlterTheater Ensemble is committed to creative growth and a community that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and just.