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Alpha-Bet School Inc (Alpha-bet Cooperative Preschool)

Together we inspire tomorrow

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At Alpha-bet Cooperative Preschool we recognize that parents are a child's first teachers and that preschool is a formative time of learning and growth for both parents and students.

Alpha-Bet preschool will:

- Prepare our students for their future education while fostering a love of learning.

- Welcome and anticipate parental participation in their child's preschool education, offering flexible options for involvement both inside and outside the classroom.

- Promotes an educational environment where both children and caregivers can learn and encouraging curiosity, collaboration, kindness, cooperation and community.

Alpha-Bet Preschool is a parent cooperative hybrid model school. The school is owned and operated by a group of parents and staff who have experience in early childhood development. The cooperative model recognizes that parents are a child’s primary educator, so parents work on a rotating basis in their child’s classroom as assistants.

At Alpha Bet Preschool,  we  provide a creative environment for children of preschool age in which they can discover themselves and the world around them through experience. The program exercises the imagination, curiosity, and intelligence of each child through planned play and individual attention. Trained teachers and parents working cooperatively encouraging the children to learn of  skills set forth by the Virginia's Foundation Blocks of Early Learning.