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All Together Divine

We go out 2x a week and serve our unhoused friends with a meal, toiletries, blankets,clothing and any other items they might have requested. we do blessing bags always, filled with a sandwich and snacks. We do backpacks 1 a year filled with brandnew blankets, hats, gloves hand warmers, socks, full size toothpastes,lotions,soaps washcloths and towel, baby wipes snack items. in the colder months if we have we will bring firewood and kerosene to a few that need these items. I also give winter coats and boots to the ones that need it. we are currently looking tpo find a location to make a drop in center that would be open 365 days a year where they can come shower, change and was there clothes and have a hot meal. we look to have computers and phones available for there use to look for work,housing , counseling and their family..

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