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All Seated In A Barn

a 501(c)3 non profit rescuing horses and donkeys from the kill pens who are headed to slaughter

www.allseatedinabarn.com Tax ID 82-5455179


All Seated in a Barn is a 501(c)3 non profit with the focus being on rescuing horses, donkeys, draft horses, mini horses, mules, and even zebras, ALL equines, from the kill pens that ship to slaughter. It is illegal to slaughter horses in the United States, BUT, it is not illegal to ship for slaughter. Horse slaughter is very real. Approximately 2% of the United States equine population is slaughtered each year. That number has NOT changed since horse slaughter in this country ended with the closure of the last slaughter house in 2007. Due to the fact that they closed here, does not mean they are closed outside of the United States, with Mexico and Canada being our two closes neighbors who DO slaughter horses. 

Also important to note is that most of the horse meat is exported to countries in Europe and Asia for human consumption. This is important to factor because horses are raised in the United States as pets and companion animals and are given steroids, , numerous vaccinations, strong medications and other potent chemicals that are not safe for humans to eat. Unlike cows, pigs, etc., horse meat is not regulated in any way shape, or form. Educating our community on this matter is very important to us. 

However, at All Seated in a Barn, we are not JUST a horse rescue. Yes, we are taking in these horses, rehabilitating them, and then finding them suitable homes. However, in the process of doing this, something amazing is happening.. the horses are healing those who are interacting with them. This was not something we started out focusing on, but through watching miracles happen within and to our volunteers and guests to the rescue, it has become a secondary mission for us. We ARE making a difference, not just in the horses lives, or in educating, but in the lives of those who are interacting with our animals. It is a beautiful circle of healing.