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AL-Wahyain Islamic Center

The Official Account for Masjid Al-Waḥyain Minnesota | Qur'ān & Sunnah Upon the Understanding of the Salaf us-Ṣāliḥ

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Masjid Al-Wahyain Islamic Center is a mixed and diverse, growing Muslim community comprising of different backgrounds located in the hub of Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota, USA striving to be upon the Qur’an & Sunnah according to the understanding of the beloved companions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), and righteous early generations of Muslims.

Masjid Al-Wahyain Islamic Center is not centralized around any particular nationality or any form of partisanship to any group, rather we are a collective group of Muslims that unite ourselves under the pure call of Islamic monotheism, under the guidance of the well-grounded Scholars of al-Islam.