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Akola Project

Empowering women in poverty to become agents of transformation in their families and communities through economic development.

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Akola Project is a nonprofit with a mission-driven enterprise designed to holistically and sustainably improve the lives of women and children living in extreme poverty.

Akola begins by training women in Eastern and Northern Uganda as well as poverty stricken areas in Dallas who have little education and no artisan experience to make products that sell in the global marketplace. We economically empower these women by offering them a reliable work opportunity and a fair wage so they can free themselves and their families from the opppressive cycle of poverty and marginalization.

Akola provides holistic programs covering topics such as health, education, business, savings, ministry and wellness to Akola members in order to create an environment where women are safe to realize their independent identities and pursue their dreams for themselves and their families. Additionally, Akola invests in community development by building the infrastructure for economic opportunity including 'Akola Academy' training centers and water wells. 

 Akola serves over 400 women in Uganda and Dallas, impacting over 3,000 children and 9 communities.