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Aideen's (Unexpected) Marathon

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EVENT: 2012 ING New York City Marathon - $1 Mil a Mile

EVENT DATE: Nov 04, 2012


Aideen Shortt wrote -

If you’re not sitting down when you read this I suggest you do so now before you continue.  I am running the New York Marathon in November.  Yes, really.  Actually when I say running, I mean walking, but I promise I’ll walk as quickly as I can and not browse the shops along the way.

My original aim was to finish the marathon on the same day I started, but now I am much more ambitious – I’ve given myself 6 – 7 hours of power-walking, flirting with exhaustion and possibly death by unprecedented exertion.  I might stop for a Starbucks latte along the way (skinny milk obviously), but for those of you that know me well, you’ll be fully aware that this is the norm and only to be expected.  I may also have a Wispa and a pack of crisps...don’t you judge me.

It goes without saying have never done anything like this before, being that I am about as lazy and apathetic as a sloth and at one point in my life weighed more than a small car – but I figure if I can spend a whole day wandering in and out of shops on Oxford Street in heels, I can run across the Brooklyn Bridge in a pair of trainers.

Don’t worry, this is the first and last time I’ll come looking for your cash.  People often say you become addicted to marathons.  I assure you that will not be the case for me.  Espresso martinis, yes.  Miso black cod from Roka, of course.  Marathons, no.  This is a once-off lifetime deal and I am doing it in aid of a phenomenal charity – the NYAWC – a foundation that helps women and children who are in lots of trouble with trafficking, pimping, violence, abuse and all sorts of nasty stuff that most of us only ever see on the news (and for those of you that read the nonsense, the Daily Mail)

As I am a social media fiend, I’ll be posting photos to Facebook along the way. If I’m doing this, which I am, I want everybody to know about it.  So in return for your generous donation, you’ll get my public humiliation by way of sweaty red-faced photos en route, the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping a good cause, and months of my superiority to follow.

So please, I ask you kindly to donate a few quid.  Do it now – it only takes a few minutes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the soles of my blistered feet.





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