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Love goes the distance

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Agape Asia is a 501c3 non-profit that operates in the USA. We are funded by champions of love, the everyday heros that send monetary support to children in Asia. We operate in China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Nepal. We are a multifaceted network that focuses on providing housing, education, and medical care to the children we serve. We operate 4 care centers in China, each of which houses and nurtures around 75 children. Agape Asia supports a similar care center in Kathmandu, Nepal. We also have constructed a center in the Philippines.

In addition to foster care and running care centers, Agape Asia pays for and facilitates life saving surgeries for children in need. This includes cleft palate/lip surgery, open heart surgery, and burn repair. Some children receiving medical care are not able to get the surgery they need in China. In these cases, the child is sent to the US for operation. In the US, most hospitals will provide these types of surgery pro bono, but travel expenses are high. Agape Asia will find a host family in the US  and cover the cost of Passports, visas and all transportation fees. Once the children are in the US and have received surgery, they are housed with supportive host families for recovery.

Every child in our care is in deep need of love, love that can go the distance. The Greek word “Agape” means love that has no boundaries, love that doesn’t stop at borders. The support we receive from sponsors, donations and partnerships can change the lives of children in need. Everything we do is for them.