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Agape Kure Beach Ministries Inc

Building Leaders . . . Transforming Lives

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Agape † Kure Beach Ministries calls and gathers all people to experience the Spirit through encounters with Christ, in Creation and Community.

5 Expressions of Agapé Kure Beach Ministries:

1.   Summer Camp: serving 1,000 youth in resident camp at Agapé through:

        a.  Day Camps, Servant Events, Leadership Development

        b.  Resident Camp - 8 week long sessions from June to August

2.  Programmed Retreats: serving 600 guests

        a.  BYG (Building Youth Groups) 25 plus churches and more

3.  ACE (Agapé Center for Environmental) Education:

        serving over 6,000 children and adults each year.

         a.  School field trips (day & overnight), Teacher workshops, etc.

4.   Hosted Ministry: welcoming over 5,000 annually between both sites

         a.   Spiritual renewal groups, Congregation-based retreats, Business groups

5.    Other areas serving 900 guests (Day Events, Campground, etc.)

In fulfillment of our Christ-centered mission we offer:

Programs (Our 7 Major Goals):

1.   Build self-value and identity as a child of God

2.   Provide, train & equip positive Christian Role Models

3.   Provide a safe environment for all guests

4.   Teach creation stewardship, appreciation, care & respect

5.   Develop and nurture leaders for the church and the world

6.   Use Music in a positive way to share our faith

7.   Have FUN!

Hosted Retreats:

1.  Provide a place apart to encounter the majesty of God's creation

2.   Provide excellence in hospitality and food service

3.   Intentionally welcome all guests as Christ

4.   Nourish individual faith and spiritual growth

5.   Provide quality facilities that are clean, safe, and welcoming

6.   Share our philosophy of creation stewardship

7.   Provide a space to have FUN and enjoy the blessings of life