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Agano LLC

Dedicated to providing an unconventional approach to generational wealth—putting libraries in the homes that need them the most.

www.agano.org Tax ID 84-4275704


Agano is Swahili for covenant and in a single word, that is what we are about—establishing a covenant with the promise to teach the next generation how to be wiser than we were. We aim to equip families with the literature they need to successfully navigate life and inspire reading in a personal, meaningful way. 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that encourages literacy and learning through curation. Agano is dedicated to providing a crucial step to encourage reading—placing personalized libraries in the homes that need books the most. We aim to encourage learning and reading by keeping the experience personal.

Your donations provide us with the funds and materials needed to create robust, curated libraries for our families. Through careful research, we will help build a collection of books tailored to the family's interests and assist in designing a space for custom bookcases and furnishings. 

Think back to your favorite books as a child. Ask anyone who loves reading what inspired their love for book and they will point you to a special book from their childhood. Agano's mission is to ensure everyone child has that special book and develops a love for reading that creates a foundation for many years to come.