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Against All Odds

Against All Odds we are survivors, taking one day at a time, one step at a time. Striving to reclaim our lives after a cancer diagnosis.

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Against All Odds Foundation supports cancer patients and surivors by providing them with  emotional and economical support.  We keep them updated with the lastest treatment and resources that are available to them.  We also provide financial support for those that are low-income and underserved, thru the Bobbie Jackson Scholarship Program.

Those that meet the criteria of the Bobbie jackson Scholarship program, can receive assistant for their imminent needs, i.e., groceries, co-payment of their presecription medication, rides to their doctor appointments, phone bill and in some cases, clothing for those that have either lost or gained weight during their treatment. 

Additionally, the Bobbie jackson Scholarship Program, provides them with the  opportunity to regain as much of  their life back before a cancer diagnosis; by helping them gain access to programs that offer classes for them to learn a new skill or in some cases start their own business.  We help with all the required paperwork.  Their are some that are not able to return to their former job for numerous reason.  We assist those wishing to start receiving Social Security benefit;  assist in completing their paper.  Overall Against All Odds helps those cancer patient and survivors reclaim their lives and in some case start a whole new chapter.  But, most of all we believe that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.