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Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (Utah Chapter)

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The mission of  Utah AAHGS is to discover, collect, preserve, and commemorate Utah's Black history. The society plays a leadership role in preserving Utah’sBlack  history and educating the public about the richness of the Black history of Utah.

1. A private luncheon in which the Utah chapter host lecturers, researchers and family historians from around the country attending RootsTech. The objective is to bolster the reputation of Utah with minority lecturers, researchers and community members from around the nation who have concerns in family history.

2. A regional genealogical conference dedicated to celebrating and discovering family histories. The conference offers families from the six state region of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Arizona classes, activities, discussions, and keynote addresses concerning the research, collection, preservation and sharing of personal family history.

3. An annual spring dinner to recognize and award society members that have contributed substantive research to Utah history, as well as recognize the members of the community that support AAHGS’ efforts to preserve Utah’s history.

4. A “Day of Remembrance” recognizing the contributions of African Americans in the state of Utah and their ancestry. This is a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with native Utahans and transplants from other states and countries.

We hold special classes for members-only to assist one-on-one with their genealogy and family history. In addition, members receive special discounts on family history products and conferences including Utah’s own RootsTech and the National AAHGS Conference.