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Lets face it. The African American community has faced turmoil and short comings since the beginning of this nation. We have seen crippling poverty, endured frivolous violence amoungst ourselves as well as from other communities, and injustice from a flawed system be it internal nurturing of the criminal elements that haunt our streets or the curroption of those who sware under oath to protect us, but instead abuse that power to control us. Above all we see a lost of morale and support for the community from the community itself. It can be debated on wrather this is because of or the cause of the communities short comings, but what can be agreed upon is that something must be done about it. AAOB wants to bring that morale and support to our community from our community.



We believe that the best way to revive unity in the African American community is by helping it invest in itself. What we will do is raise money within the African American community through pledges from people who want to see their community develope and flourish as well as be apart of that development. We will then use these donations to give support and funding to brilliant new African American entrepreneurs who have the drive and the dream, but lack the capitol to fully fund their business goals.


Sounds good right?


Well unfortunately we haven't gotten the funds to begin working on this dream ourselves. But that's where you come in!


By prepledging $12 today($1 per month) you can help us begin our journey to printing prosperity to African American communities throughout the United States.


Your prepledges will help us to:


-Register as a non-profit organization and the associated legal fees.

-Secure a location to serve as our head of operations.

-Supplies nessecary for primary functions

-Initial staffing and supporting personnel



About Us


My name is Jamie Alphabet I'm working with a beautiful man by the name of Michelangelo Lovelace Jr, who I just so happen to be in engaged to. As African Americans from inner city Cleveland, Ohio we have seen first hand the effects of a demoralized Urban community. One day we asked ourselves "Why must we wait for everyone else to get us together? Why can't we (the African American communities) get ourselves together?" The answer we came up with is "We can".  So Michelangelo and I became focused on how we can change our community for the better. We can do this. We just have to work together. I know we are all tired of seeing our communities on the news. How many funerals do we need to attend in a year? I know its hard to trust people especially in today's age, but I promise there is nothing I want more then to see our people get out of this hole we never asked to be in, but are continuously being beaten into and, to be honest, beating ourselves into. Let's make a difference in our own community. If we come together and invest in ourselves, the return will be a greater future for ourselves and for the the upcoming generations. 


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African American Owned Businesses

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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African American is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support African American Owned Businesses.

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