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A Farm Less Ordinary

A Farm Less Ordinary provides employment and a welcoming community to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

www.afarmlessordinary.org Tax ID 81-1191778


AFLO provides job training and employment to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a group with a disproportionate unemployment rate. Through our program, we seek to train Growers in skills needed to be successful in the workforce, whether on our farm in any most industries.

We also provide a respite for family members and caregivers, especially important in these stressful times. The paycheck earned by the Grower, as well as the knowledge that they are in a safe space for several hours a week, give some relief to their caregivers.

In addition to selling our produce at farmers' markets and through a CSA program, AFLO also provides fresh produce to the FISH food pantry in Berryville, helping to alleviate food insecurity, from June through October.