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My name Is Jackie Kerlin i am 40 years old i have 2 sons ages 13 & 18 and i have an edlery,handicap husband ,i myself have been struggling for 2 years now with so much going wrong with and within our family/home! My oldest son suggested i write my story and maybe god will see fit to bless our family with any sort of help, im not the type of person to ask for help,I always try and help others in many ways ,but im now to the point of being in such a situation, i just dont know where to turn or how to get ahead .Im so use to my husbad being able to do things and fix all the houshold issues,but since july 4th of 2014 our lives has been very different,well 4 years ago my husband had two heart attacks and a unexpected double bi-pass ,,,i got him through his recovery and he healed well ,,,but two years ago he had multiple small strokes and he is not the same i am his sole caregiver,he did have rehab in a facility for as long as we had coverage for but hes so different now and i must do it all for him and our family,from meals to bathing etc....he is fragile and can not be alone he is very easily upset and the emotions just run ,being forgetful and weak ,he can not do the many things he use to enjoy doing and know how to fix and or what to do,with the man stuff as i call it around here,,,he is 81 years old now and to burden his mind with all the problems i have on me i just cant tell him ,,,,i hate asking for help but i am lost as to what else i can do,,ive tryed many things already that did not work,,,ive attempted loans a second job selling things but no credit,i physically was not able to keep the second job due to my physical health problems,i have high bp,migraines cts in my hand in wich i need surgery soon cant feel any thing with my fingers ,,,planters flin both feet ,and sleep apneia,arthritus,and most worst is the fibromyalgia,it is a thing i wish on no body there are days i hurt so bad i cant move,but ,,,i must i have two boys and i go to work every eveing im no slacker i work hard and its just not enough to pay our bills mortgage and the repairs i need to have done,,,recently lost $1,200.00 of my husbands social security and that hurt us finacially so bad ,i attempted a second job but my body couldnt handle it ,,,my home is falling apart ,my husband use to take pride in keeping things fixed and in working order but since the medical issues and stroke im left to try and do it ,i have no left over income to fix any thing,our half bath toilet dosent work at all,my fulll bathroom recently stopped functioning the sink wont go down ,bathtub has water in it that wont go down and toilet isnt working either so we basically have no bathroom now and its not a easy thing with needing the nesecities cant shower or anything properand with my husband i need to keep him clean ,,,and then our washer is backing up as well ,,,,worst problem tho is my kitchen ,the main drain pipe is cracked or something under my sink and had no idea of this for some time but its been some time now and i cant wash dishes or cook for my family the way i need to because my kitchen has fallen apart,because of the sink drain pipe my kitchen floor is destroyed and also needs to be replaced,my electric in half of my kitchen isnt working im not sure if its from the leak or another issue,,,im also trying to get my van repaired its my only running vehicle ,normaly my dad would help me fix and work on my van but i recently lost my dad to esophegus cancer during all this and it was so hard watching him slip away ,at the same time my mom went through medical issues i have never been so scared and alone losing all i love and reality is i almost lost my mom as well she was admitted to hospital the same time my dad was fighting his battle ,,,mom didnt want to go but i made her ,blood clots all over her lungs,thank god i still have her and shes ok,,,,,but as you can see other than my boys im just a mom and wife who takes the best care of my family as i can ,i just dont know what to do to get our home saved ,with all the medical stuff ,gas,expenses,and bills ive fallin behind on our mortgage ive struggled and tryed so hard but i stress because i cant lose our home its our life ,and the repairs needed are and have become major ,i do not have the money or know how to fix the broken and non working things,im sure its to some people no big deal but i must feed my family and keep them warm ,and at the end of the moth theres just nothing left from my paycheck to get all this stuff fixed.....i know god will see us through ,,i pray for answers daily and im sure at some point ill find a way ,thanks for reading my heartfelt story i could have wrote so much more but ,im just getting myself more upset with each word ,,,any amount helps,thank you and godbless.


Organized by

Merrill Kerlin

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