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Airlift food to Bangui

Capital city of the Central African Republic (CAR) and home to almost 900,000 people, Bangui is under siege from rebels who assaulted the city on January 13th, 2021. Food is increasingly scarce and prices are rocketing. The rebels have cut the city off from re-supply by road. Soon, if people aren’t dying from bullets, they will be dying from hunger.

How YOU can help

$25,000 will pay the cost of air freight for a cargo plane to fly five tonnes of food into Bangui. So every $5 you donate puts a kilo of food on the plane.

Building peace

Hunger drives conflict. If people are starving in Bangui, some will take up weapons and join the rebels to get food. So by airlifting food to break the siege, you also build peace and save lives from armed violence.

The Aegis Trust has been working with faith leaders and the government to build peace in the Central African Republic since 2014. You can find out more about Aegis' work in the country here from Alain Lazaret, who is presently in Bangui: https://www.bit.ly/Alain1-6

How the food will be organised

Champion Humanity Enterprise (CHE), a social enterprise supporting the Aegis Trust, buys food on the international African market. Your money pays for CHE to airlift the food into Bangui. There, CHE sells at pre-siege prices to local distributors who supply the street traders that most people buy their food from.

This smart African solution beats dumping tons of free food into the city - a quick fix which takes work from local traders, destroys the local food economy and starts a cycle of longterm aid dependency.


• Stabilise food prices

• Prevent starvation

• Support local business

• Prevent aid dependency

• Build peace and save lives

What happens when the siege ends?

When the siege ends, or if more air freight is paid for than is actually needed, any funds not used to ship food will be put into the Aegis Trust’s peacebuilding program for the Central African Republic.