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Help my friend get a new PS Vita

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During my party Remi's PS Vita was stolen. This simple gadget was his life. Is was not only his source to play videogames , at school, at home, or on the go but also serves as a source for him to hear music, watch movies as well as acting as a digital photo album.

I feel partly responsible for his loss, since I let a friend invite a person he barely knows to my party. Because he was sitting next to Remi’s jacket, in which Remi left the PS Vita, we all know it was this person who stole it, since we noticed the PS Vita wasn’t there anymore just minutes after this person left the party.

We all know it was him but we are unable to act, because there are no means of locating him other than Facebook, and when I spoke to him on Facebook, he threatened me with knowing where I live and told me to leave things as they are. I am not in a position to fight and or act violently. But I cannot and will not let my friend down.

Seeing him crying that night makes me feel terrible. He spent all of his money to purchase the PS Vita and I certainly don’t have any money to buy him a new one. Your donation is the only way he will be able to get it back. That will make this kid happy again, and he will know it was all possible thanks to you and your invaluable kindness. To make this possible we need to achieve our goal before May the 21st, the day of his birthday. He doesn't know we are preparing this fundraising, so all this will be a surprise for him. You will remain part of the story because I’ll record the moment in which he’ll receive the PS Vita as a gift and he will be extremely happy.



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