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A Doll Like Me, Inc.

...because everyone deserves to see their face in the sweet face of a doll.

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My name is Amy Jandrisevits and, in a  nutshell, I make dolls for kids who will never see themselves on the  store shelves.  

I like to think of doll-making more like a ministry or a  mission than a business.  Dolls are therapeutic, validating, and comforting.   It is a human likeness and by extension, a representation  of the child who loves it.   

I am a doll-maker who feels that  every kid, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, medical issue, or body  type, should look into the sweet face of a doll and see their own. 

I talk a lot about changing the narrative - changing WHO we see and HOW we see them.

I  believe that we are not only connected to one another, but we are  obligated to take care of the people in our village - the global  village, so to speak - and it is our responsibility to make sure that  everyone has a place at the table.  Scars, birthmarks, limb differences, skin coloring, medical  equipment...those are all things that you rarely see in dolls, but for  kids who have those, it's everything!

My mom taught me that if you see something you want to change, change it!  So I did and that is how A Doll Like Me was born.

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