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Rescue, rehabilitate and re-home until all stray, sick and starving abandoned pets have a home.

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Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) is one of the oldest animal rescues in Puerto Rico and has acted as the voice for the abused, neglected and suffering since 2005. We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home stray, abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico, as well as educate our communities on the proper and humane treatment of all animals.

ADLA operates a dog shelter located in the Piñones area of Loiza—one of the poorest municipalities in Puerto Rico with a poverty rate of over 50%; and known as a famous dumping ground for unwanted pets. Since its incorporation in 2005, ADLA has rescued approximately 3,300 dogs, and the Shelter (on average) houses between 55 and 75 dogs at a time. ADLA adopts its rescues within the island, or ships dogs to adopters or recipient no-kill shelters on the mainland United States.

The future for animals (including the dogs in Puerto Rico, known as “satos”) lies with the generations to come. We are committed to educating at the grade school level and either visit schools, or receive groups at the Shelter, for conferences or general discussions on animal welfare and the importance of showing animals compassion and respect. We also emphasize the need to provide proper care for companion animals.

ADLA coordinates Puerto Rico's only six-day Animal Control Officer-Cruelty Investigator certification course alongside Puerto Rico’s Department of Health and the Career Development Institute. We have coordinated eight (8) courses thus far and produced 298 investigators. 

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