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A Dignified Home


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Having lived the perpetual trauma of being bounced from one homeless shelter to another over several years, A Dignified Home Founder Laurel Hilbert knows firsthand how the pain and struggle of instability adversely impacts a young life.

That’s why A Dignified Home centers its mission on creating and cultivating a permanent home for youth, ages 12 to 24, in order to repair the deep traumas of never knowing when they’ll be asked to leave the place they call home.

A Dignified Home believes real care for youth who have been homeless centers on the bedrock of consistency. Only if a young person can know and experience this priceless gift of stability can they grow beyond the traumas that have kept them in the shadows, learn to live independent, productive lives, and discover true happiness in a bright and brilliant future.

Because of our unique funding model, A Dignified Home will not turn away any child in its care. We believe commitment is a lifelong promise—regardless of circumstances—and we will not abandon our youth.

At A Dignified Home, our young people will experience success because we won’t give up on them until their dreams come true…